Bat Masterson - Burke's Law - Amos Burke, Secret Agent - The Adventurer - Burke's Law
Adventurer, The Gene Bradley was a wealthy, jet-setting movie celebrity who indulged himself in business ventures of all kinds, but whose real job involved secret assignments for US intelligence. Employing his acting skills to the full and taking on various disguises, Bradley was an international knight who came to the rescue of threatened women, defecting scientists and others in need of assistance. His assignments were given to him by his 'manager', Mr Parminter, and he was accompanied by fellow agent Gavin Jones. Diane was his contact with his agency. John Barry provided the theme music.
Amos Burke, Secret Agent Amos Burke left the police force and became an agent for US Intelligence. As was the previous Burke's Law, this series was filmed in black and white - when I Spy premiered on another network in color, viewers lost interest and this series was cancelled.
Bat Masterson Gene Barry starred as Bat Masterson, dapper ex-lawman who roamed the west. Masterson's gimmick was a gold-tipped cane that disguised a sword; he also carried a gun, of course. In real life, William Bartley Masterson had been a deputy of Wyatt Earp.
Burke's Law (1963-65) Amos Burke was a debonair Los Angeles Police Captain, an independently wealthy bachelor with a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, a mansion, and beautiful women. The series featured glamorous, sophisticated settings, unusual twists on formula homicide plotlines, and big-name guest stars. Trivia: The Amos Burke character was introduced 2 years earlier, on the premiere telecast of The Dick Powell Show, "Who killed Julie Greer?" (September 26, 1961). Dick Powell played Burke. 
Burke's Law (1994-95) Burke's adventures were briefly revived in 1994, under the original title. By this time, he had been married and widowed, and returned as Chief of Detectives (see Burke's Law, 1963-65) and his son Peter, who lived in the guest house on Burke's property, was also a detective on the police force. Many of the guest stars from the mid-60 series appeared in the revival. 
Name of the Game, The This 90-minute crime show was a tripartite series. It starred Gene Barry as Glenn Howard, CEO of Howard Publications, publishers of People Magazine and Crime Magazine, along with Tony Franciosa as writer for People Magazine and Robert Stack as senior editor of Crime Magazine. Each of these three stars appeared every third week. Also featured was Susan Saint James as their research assistant. Each of the three stars selected his own producer: Richard Irving produced the Barry episodes. In a 1969 article, TV Guide reported that the series was the most expensive in the history of television, budgeted at $400,000 per episode. 
Our Miss Brooks This series, a situation comedy about a high school teacher, began on radio in 1948. Gene Barry was seen during the first half of the 1955-56 season as Gene Talbot, the physical education teacher, but he was replaced in mid-season when Robert Rockwell returned as Mr. Boynton.