O.C. (Orange Cat)

O.C. (short for originally "Outside Cat" then "Orange Cat") is a big male orange and white shorthair.   He's been a part of the household since February 2003.

We had been noticing him in the backyard, drinking from the pond.  My husband became friendly with him, and eventually OC would eat from his hand.  One day we saw that the cat's hips and legs were dark - as though he'd sat in a puddle of oil.

We brought him inside, then took him the next morning to the vet.  She confirmed that he was covered in oil, and said that eventually all his fur would fall off.  So, we brought him home, confined him to the bathroom, and took care of him while he went bald.  In due time, his fur grew back, and he was neutered and joined the family.

Unfortunately, he's a loner in the midst of a bunch of cats that he doesn't understand.  He doesn't seem capable of socializing - he is as likely to swat at a passing cat as he is to ignore it.  At most he is tolerated by the others; at worst, he's avidly disliked.  He doesn't like Merlin at all, and is the bane of that cat's existence. 

O.C's ideal home environment would be one woman, no other pets - he is definitely devoted to me, and has long conversations with me.  He has the loudest purr of any cat I've ever known - huge, raspy, wonderful.

It's now been 7 years, and OC has mellowed a lot.  He's not so likely to stalk another cat and hit them, though if he's "in a mood," he'll hit just for the heck of it - I think he's "having fun."

O.C's Photo Album

OC kickin' back

O.C. on the rug

"I'll smile, but I don't like that flash!"

Sophie, O.C., and Tuxedo

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