Galahad and the litter boxOne of Galahad's most unusual tricks was perching with his hind feet up on the edge of the litterbox when he uses it. The first time I saw him do it, I nearly fell over from laughing!

He weighed nineteen and a half lbs.; was probably born in 1988; was an orange tabby who was pure of heart, pure of soul, and empty of brain. He was afriend to all that live or ever did or might have. Galahad fell instantly and totally in love with anyone who looked at him. His purr level = 102 Db, and he started purring if anybody looked at him or touched him.

Galahad looking like ... GalahadGalahad once lost an argument to a truck. Shattered his left hind leg. He dragged himself home and he was rushed  to the vet who did surgery - including bone grafts and a pin. For the recovery time of six months, Galahad had to wear an Elizabethan collar and stay in a closet (a very large closet) to keep him from the other cats.

Finally the day came when the collar came off and the pin came out.

We let him out. He stopped to eat a few blades of grass, rolled around on the concrete for a few minutes and then walked to the street. Wandering out to the double yellow lines in the middle, he lay down across them for a nice, relaxing nap.

That was the last time he was ever allowed out.

The box kittyOther Galahad-isms include the time he walked into the bedroom to look around. He sat down and eyeballed the room for about 5 minutes. Then he stood up to go back out the door - and jumped, startled, 3 inches off the floor when he realized he would walk into Su-Su. Su-Su had been sitting next to him the whole time, and he hadn't noticed her!

As you can see from this picture, Galahad was a "box kitty" and woul attempt to fit his considerable body into any box that was left lying on the floor. Too, Galahad usually picked the smallest basket to curl up in. He had his own "blankie" on the sofa; if it was wadded up into a lump, he still tried to put his entire body atop it, ignoring all the available space on the sofa itself.  He had also "adopted" the two pillows (beautiful handmade pillows featuring cats on both sides), and when he wasn'tt sleeping on his blankie, he was curled up on them.

As he got older, he got painful arthritis due to his early injury.  Eventually we had to put a step stool at the end of the sofa so he could climb up and down.  When he got too stiff for that, his bed was in front of the kitchen door, so he could observe people and the other cats coming and going. 

October 2000

rainbow bridge In 2003, Galahad had reached the end of a long, productive life.  With the help of the vet, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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