Birm in the kitchenBirm's coloring was that of a Birman (or Himalayan), hence the name. The vets said he was a Siamese, however.  He had a sturdy shape and lovely fur, though it tended toward matts; in summer it felt like horsehair and in winter it felt like sheep's wool.

He was an outside-only cat, a neighborhood stray originally.  He was initially quite reluctant around us, but we discovered that he could be petted while eating; after several months, he relaxed around us and I could pick him up and walk around with him (which I had to do, because he was so sure I wouldn't back the car over him that he refused to move on his own most of the time). 

One day, Birm took it upon himself to walk into the kitchen if the door was open; the decision to make him an Insider was an easy one.  Unfortunately, he had an aversion to the litterbox - I had been pretty much unsuccessful in persuading him to use an official litterbox, but we made some accommodations for him, and things went okay in that department eventually.

Birm tested negative for all shots, though his bloodwork indicated some irregular numbers.  Shortly after his arrival, we had him fixed, and had some dental work. 

He had no interest in going back outside, and spent the vast majority of his time sleeping in a doorway.  He liked to be petted and cuddled and makes little chirrup-y talk occasionally.  He had a "thing" about water - if he heard it running anywhere in the house, he'd come running, despite the fact that he drinks out of the water bowl in the kitchen and the glass on the bathroom counter (which we keep full, because every cat likes to drink out of that glass!).

Birm smiling for the camera
October 2000

rainbow bridge UPDATE, January 22, 2001:  Birm has had escalating health problems over the past few months.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning, after his kidneys completely failed.

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