We adopted Beauregard (full name:  Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside Miller Moore - he was named after the character in Auntie Mame - in May 2002.  I would guess he was a couple of years old.

He had been living outside and, when it was clear he was on the losing end of several turf battles, we brought him inside, took him to the vet where he got an almost-clean bill of health and was neutered, and told him he was part of the family.  This part of the story is detailed in the article "I took care of your cat today."

Beau is a sweetheart - he gets along well with all the cats (he and OC keep snarling distance apart).  He was never certain when his next meal was going to be, so he has compensated by eating as much as he can, as often as he can ... and his body shape shows compulsion.

Beau still sprints for the door - and periodically escapes, staying out for hours.  He is our only formerly-outdoors-only cat who cares to venture outside.

Beauregard's Photo Album
Beauregard shortly after we adopted him
Beau stands outside in the cat run (2002)
Beau playing with Kayla
Beau playing with Kayla (2005)
Beau getting ready to take a nap
Beau getting ready to take a nap
Beau snuggling with Tuxedo
Beau snuggling with Tuxedo

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