The Name of the Game Episode Guide

(Sept. 20, 1968 to Apr. 3, 1970)

(COMPLETE - Episodes with Gene Barry)
The Taker 10/4/68 Howard's refusal to back a political candidate leads to blackmail and the threat of losing Howard Publications.
Incident in Berlin 10/25/68 Howard goes to Berlin to arrange the release of one of his top editors who has been arrested in East Germany as a spy.
Lola in Lipstick  10/8/68 Howard goes to Rome to investigate the death of an international playgirl and uncovers a scandal involving corruption, illicit romance and narcotics.
The Protector  10/15/68 Howard goes up against a bigoted millionaire who sets out to solve the nation's racial problems with his own private army.
The White Birch  10/29/68 Howard and Peggy travel to Prague, Czechoslovakia, where they and other rival journalists try to get custody of an ailing author's latest work.
The Revolutionary  12/27/68 Howard helps an exiled president of a South American nation regain control in the midst of a counter-revolution.
The Inquiry  1/17/69 Howard is called before a Senate committee to answer charges that he stole a fortune in U.S. Army funds while serving with the OSS in Italy during World War II.
Love in at Ground Zero  1/31/69 Howard is kidnapped by a group of protestors who demand he witness their suicide and then write an expose of the army's testing of chemical warfare weapons.
The Third Choice  3/7/69 Howard tries to save a Howard Publications editor kidnapped by a man who hopes to use the ransom to overthrow an African government.
Agent for the Plaintiff  3/21/69 Howard rushes to London where he learns he is being sued for libel by a young British race-car driver.

Lady on the Rocks  9/19/69 Howard suspects the supposedly happy marriage of a woman friend is a cover-up for her fear and guilt about the death of her first husband.
The Emissary  10/10/69 Western diplomats prevail upon Howard to ask his old friend, a Marxist, to help woo back Red Chinese delegates who walked out on an international conference on air pollution.
The Perfect Image  10/7/69 Howard is angry when he hears rumors that a politician his magazines have endorsed is a front for a crime syndicate.
High Card  12/5/69 A U.S. Senator claims to have photographic proof that Howard was the man who tipped off the Cubans about the Bay of Pigs.
The Tradition  1/2/70 Howard and a young Greek woman are forced to flee for their lives when they challenge an ancient Greek custom.
The Takeover  1/23/70 Howard travels to the Orient to investigate the overthrow of a government headed by an old friend.
Tarot  2/13/70 Howard steps into the world of witches and mystics when he sets out to prove a woman didn't commit suicide merely because he rebuffed her romantic advances.
One of the Girls in Research  4/3/69 Howard's research girl has romantic daydreams about him as they try to locate an eccentric industrialist who is trying to put Howard out of business

A Love to Remember  9/25/70 At his college class reunion, Howard meets a strange, beautiful woman who tells him a crush she once had on him has ruined her life.
The Time is Now  10/23/70 Howard investigates the death of a moderate black educator at a campus torn into a struggle between militants and moderates.
All the Old Familiar Faces  10/13/70 When his life is threatened, Howard looks up four people he once helped expose or send to prison.
Aquarius Descending  12/11/70 An ambitious politician sets out to discredit Howard after an uncomplimentary story about his was published.
Los Angeles 2017  1/15/71 Howard is transported to the year 2017 and finds residents of Los Angeles have been forced underground by pollution.
A Capitol Affair  2/12/71 Howard intervenes when a misguided Washington gossip columnist tries to destroy the career of a promising government official.
Appointment in Palermo  2/26/71 Howard goes to Italy to research a story and becomes the central figure in a feud between two families.
The Broken Puzzle  3/12/71 Howard suffers amnesia after a mysterious plane crash.
The Showdown  3/19/71 Howard's ancestor, an old west gambler, tries to stay alive in the face of a showdown. Barry plays dual role.

Shine On, Shine On, Jesse Gil
10/1/68 Howard assigns Dillon and Peggy to investigate when a woman accuses a shrewd financial manipulator of being responsible for her brother's death.
Collector's Edition 10/11/68
Nightmare 10/18/68

The Ordeal 11/22/68

High on a Rainbow
12/6/68 Howard assigns Farrell and Peggy to pose as a truck driver and car-hop as they investigate a narcotics ring.
Pineapple Rose
12/20/68 Howard goes to work when Peggy, mistaken for the sister of a famous rock singer, is kidnapped.
The Incomparable Connie Walker 1/24/69

The Bobby Currier Story 2/21/69

Goodbye Harry 10/24/69 Howard assigns a reporter, Sam Hardy and Peggy to search for a missing US Scientist who an FBI agent suspects of being a traitor.
Man of The People 3/6/70 Howard suspects the wealthy leader of a Mexican-American community of bribing city officials.