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The Bat Masterson doll
Those Redheads from
Seattle Viewmaster reel

Two of the many promotions that ran during the Bat Masterson years.

Burke's Law Theme music
Paperbook book based on the Maroc 7 movie
This card was issued in the UK by Primrose Confectionery Co. Ltd. in 1970. It is card number 44 from a set of 50 cards entitled "Amos Burke - Secret Agent". The front of the card shows an artist drawn representation of Gene Barry as Amos Burke in "one of his character parts" as 'Sherlock Holmes', while the back of the card has the series title,  card number and a short text. The card was given as a free premium with the purchase of Primrose's sweet cigarettes (candy sticks).

Program from Gene Barry's show at the Pink Flamingo Hotel.
Sheet music from the play "Bless You All" sheet music

Advertisement for Haggar menswear

Scarce Kraft Foods company magazine, featuring the Kraft sponsored Milton Berle and Gene Barry TV stars on the cover.

Advertisement for Worested-Text: The Design Studio
Empire Room
Advertisement for an After Theatre Midnight Show at the Empire Room (Delaware).
This playing card was printed in the late sixties in Spain as part of 'Tele Banco Cancion' playing cards set.
From his performance at The Riviera in Las Vegas, a placecard (left) and a postcard (right).  The placecard advertised a drink called the "Bat Masterson."

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