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George M. Cohen 1st day cover, autographed by Gene Barry

Trading card printed in Spain in 1967 by EDICIONES ESTE, as part of the collectible 'Estrellas de la TV' set of Trading/Album Cards, Spanish text.  Printed on paper (not cardboard), the card measures 3"x3 1/2".
Two of the television "story books" written based on  Burke's Law.
Hollywood "Walk of Fame" cards
Sheet music for the "theme song of television's first motion picture series," The Name of the Game.  Dated 1968. Sheet music for the Bat Masterson theme song.  This was for the accordion.
Red Garters music
Sheet music for Red Garters.
Tourist Guide Book for El Paso, Texas, featuring Gene Barry's performance in the La Fiesta room at the Knox Hotel.
A deck of playing cards was
released, with western stars
on each card.
Van Heusen ad
Gene and Betty Barry in advertisements for Van Heusen shirts, circa 1950's.

Ticket for a jazz concert  at University of Delaware (?)