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Even a Bat Masterson "halloween masquerade costume" was created! Made by Ben Cooper, it contained a suit jacket, face mask w/bowler hat, cane, and a string tie. 
Aluminum Bat Masterson coin/token created by Sealtest (Gene Barry did the commercials for Sealtest products during the Bat Masterson series)
Along with other costume-ware for children, a TEX-FELT children's hat was distributed by Arlington, located in New York.
Some Bat Masterson episodes are now commercially available on videotape. Bat Masterson video
The book "Los Angeles: A.D. 2017" was written by Philip Wylie, based on the special teleplay he scripted for the tv series "The Name of the Game." This novel was published in 1971 and is a very difficult title to find of this very bleak and haunting version of the future.
Burke's Law Lone Star cap guns.  The one on the left was made in 1964 by Four Star-Barberry in England
And for the ever-so-grownup child watching Burke's Law, a pack of candy cigarettes!
The Bat Masterson hand puppet.
And the plastic Bat Masterson wallet.
Handcuffs from the Bat Masterson series In 1958, a pair of Bat Masterson handcuffs were made available.
A bolo (used with a tie) was released as a commemorative for the Bat Masterson series. 
Hartland Plastics produced its pieces during the 1950's to the 1990's. The pieces were referred to as "the first true piece of memorabilia by which all others are judged".  This Bat Masterson piece is #769 in the catalog.

Wild Horse's Hand-painted Dual First Day Cover for Scott #2869h "Bat Masterson" and Scott #3186f "TV Entertains America" features "Bat Masterson by Gene Barry", 30 made
Original portrait sketch by Gene Barry
An original self-portrait sketch 
by Gene Barry
Humorous caricature sketches
by Gene Barry