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A Bat Masterson board game was manufactured by Lowell Toy Mfg. Corp. when the series originally aired. This game,  is very scarce (Glenda owns one).
A Bat Masterson set (vest, cane, holster and gun) was manufactured in 1957 by Carnell Mfg. Co.
Ben Cooper, Inc., ZIV Television Programs, Inc., 1959, distributed a Bat Masterson playsuit, containing a black felt derby with a red band, white lace-up shirt, black pants, gold and black vest with the Bat Masterson logo, black plastic belt, and a collapsing cane.
Two more outfits (shirt, vest, slacks, and watch fob) were manufactured by Kaynee Co. the next year
Two additional gun and holster sets were also  manufactured (1959, company unknown).
A set of two wood jigsaw puzzles featuring photos from the Bat Masterson series was created in 1960.
A Bat Masterson Coloring Book was released in 1958/59 (publisher unknown).
An official record album of the Bat Masterson TV show was released by Lyle Kenyon Engel of Sea Horse Records. The record had songs and stories from the show and of the Old West. The stories and narration were written by mystery writer Michael Avallone, narrated by Eddie Bracken, and sung by The NightRiders.
In 1959, Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club magazine had an advertisement from Shirtees for t-shirts featuring popular western stars, including Bat Masterson.
Gene Barry was featured in several TV Guides (all of which Nan has either in original or a copy):
  • (7/11/59) Bat Masterson, article "Ziv Capitulates to Gene Barry's Demands"
  • (5/21/60) Bat Masterson, cover and article "Dandiest Gun in the West."
  • (11/23/63) Burke's Law, article "Beauties Make the Best Suspects"
  • (8/8/64) Burke's Law, cover and article, "Burke's Assistant: He Has Laws Too"
  • (8/7/65) Burke's Law, cover and article "Everything's New But the Car"
  • (3/29/69) The Name of the Game, cover and article "All for One and One for All, Well, Hardly"
  • (7/12/69) Article, "Six Men in Search of a Par" 
  • (3/13/71) The Name of the Game, cover and and article "They Keep Harping on the Rolls-Royce"

TV Week
Gene Barry's television series were featured in several regional issues of the TV Guide or local television guides.  Above: TV Guide, Canada; TeleVue weekly edition in Washington, D.C.; PreVue from Portland, Oregon; Sunday Herald Tribune; TV Magazine; TV Times; TV Week. Below: TV Time and Channel; St. Louis Post-Dispatch; TV Vue, Boston Advertiser; TV Digest, St. Louis Globe Memorial; TV Times

Robert Miall wrote a paperback book based on the tv series The Adventurer. It was published in 1973 by Pan Books Ltd., London, England.
Hollywood Palace program featuring Gene Barry as host