Gene Barry
Feb. 6, 2001

Dear Ladies,

My name is Phil Nussbaum and for a couple of years back in the mid sixties (65-67) I caddied part time at the hillcrest country club. I didn't have regular customers because I only worked weekends there caddying, but I did caddy for Mr. Barry on many occasions and I remember how kind he was to me as a starving student. IF possible would you please pass on my kindest regards to Mr. Barry even though he probably won't remember me.

Thank you for putting this site together and No one in my opinion deserves it more.  His kindness and those of others in the business is why I am as successful as I am today.

Many thanks

Phil Nussbaum

Feb. 14, 2001

Dear Ladies, 

    You are to be commended for putting together such a wonderful site! I've been an avid fan of Mr. Barry for ten years now (since I was 16) when I saw Burke's Law - the 1963 series - for the first time. I keep praying it will soon be released on home video so I can watch it whenever I wish.
    Upon learning of Mr. Barry's long-lasting marriage, I was impressed! They are both to be commended. How many people these days stay together for so long?
    Please pass along my best wishes to Mr. Barry and tell him my mother and I hope to see much more of him - in reruns or otherwise. 

                                                    Best regards.

                                                    Kathrine Willson-Boden

July 18, 2001

Now almost three decades ago I was an Explorer with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office.  I was working traffic control for a celebrity golf tournament in Valencia when Gene Barry drove up in his Rolls Royce.  He politely asked where he could park.

 After parking his car he walked over to where another Explorer and myself stood.  And for a very long time Mr. Barry asked questions of our program.  I recall him sitting down on a brick wall, putting one knee up, folding his hands on his knee, and talking.  I remember the conversation as a sincerely interested human being, so down to earth, that to this day I remain impressed about the character of the man.

I stumbled on your web site by accident ... but was quite pleased to see such a quality tribute.

Chuck Pore

August 28, 2001

Your fan site is a wonderful tribute to Mr. Barry. 

I have had a copy of his RCA recording, "Gene Barry Sings of Love and Things", for a good while, now.  I don't ever plan to part with it.  It captures the essence of a true night club perfomance, better than any other recording I have found. Even when on some numbers there is a  big band sound, Mr. Barry makes each song an intimate and moving experience for his listeners. 

Of course, I enjoyed his roles as Bat Masterson and Amos Burke and his performances in "The Name of the Game" and other programs. But, it is nice, too, when we get an opportunity to do so, to get a peek at some of his many other talents.


March 31, 2002

I have been a fan of Gene Barry since I saw him in "Name of the Game" back in '68 (when I was only 8 years old). He has been a role model for me ever since. I have seldom seen an actor as suave and well-dressed on TV or any other medium. Barry is a true class act, one of the few celebrities I would actually want to meet in real life. Kudos to your site for honoring such a unique personality. 


May 12, 2002

Dear Gene-
I am a 49 year old "Baby Boomer" who has literally grown upon your TV shows and movies.
To both my late father (who dressed to the Nines as you always do) and me, you were the epitome of CLASS and STYLE. Always authoritative, cool and dapper, I have always enjoyed your appearances, whenever I see you on TV. 
I loved "Name Of The Game" and the all too briefly revived "Burke's Law" on CBS and I had very high hopes it would survive.
Don't know if many of the superbadd suits and outfits you wore came from you own wardrobe, but my man, you are SHARP ALL THE TIME! 
Thanks for so many years of pleasure. You are what a REAL CLASS ACT is all about!
Barrington S. Tate
Torrance, CA

March 11, 2003

In 1943 I was 10 years old, my mother owned the flower shop in the Hotel Lincoln on 8th Ave and 44th to 45th St in NYC...I would deliver flowers for my mother...the hotel was located in the heart of the theater district...I delivered flowers backstage to the Majestic Theater where The Merry Widow was playing....the cast members treated me great and I was able to watch some of the show from backstage...

I still have my autograph book with the autographs of Gene Barry, Marthe Eggerth, Jan Kipura, Melville Cooper and others in the cast....I guess I could claim the oldest Gene Barry autograph still in possession of the original recipient.

Dion Michel
St. Augustine, FL

June 4, 2003

My name is Mike Smith, I am a Motion picture cameraman.

Back in the mid 1970's I was working with my Father in Florida hanging wall paper in homes. One day we were installing paper in a condo at Ponte Vedra beach. Gene Barry and his wife Betty were staying there while he was appearing in a play in Jacksonville. I asked him about going into the "movie business" and how to get into it. I was alway interested in camera work. He took 5 min and taked to me about the movie biz!. He told me how to go about it in several areas. Due to this talk I have been in the motion picture business for 25 years now. Worked on hundreds of major motion opictures and TV shows. I have worked arround just about all of the BIG hollywood stars. I have never asked for a autograph..never really cared! But I do have one that I look at every day!!..It reads.."To Mike Smith all the best..Gene Barry".

If you ever talk to him again Please...Thank him for me.

Mike Smith

March 3, 2004

After viewing "War of The Worlds" for the 100th time, (great clarity of color, special effects, and believable acting), I had to look up the home page of Gene Barry.  Aside from the fact that he always reminded me of my father in looks and temperment, I always enjoyed watching him on the silver screen....such ease in his movements, and his delivery is so convincing.... he is good at what he does.  His good looks and great smile definitely drew me to his talents.  Thank you for this web site...I will make it a point of seeing Mr Barry's other works, and please tell him thank you for entertaining us so well!  

A female fan from Chicago
June 13, 2005

Thank you for putting together the wonderful Gene Barry website. I've been a fan of Mr. Barry's since Bat Masterson. The website you put together brings out the class and grace that Mr. Barry personifies. I'm getting pretty old now and it's delightful to look back and remember the enjoyment that has been brought into ones life through the performances of accomplished talents such as Mr. Barry. Great job all around...and thank you again.

An old fan in Pal Alto, California

June 25, 2005
My name is Steve Cannon, I am a Columbus, Ohio Talk show host, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the fan page. I got to know Gene and Betty Barry in the 1970's. My wife Linda and I considered them friends even though we knew them only a short while when he did some theater here in Ohio. Whether performing in "La Cage" on Broadway, the yiddish stage in Florida, television, or major motion pictures, Gene is one of those actors who never does a bad performance.  Although He may disagree as he is a class act and a decent man. 

My list of Barry's best included, "War of the Worlds", "China Gate" with Angie Dickenson and Nat "King" Cole, "Thunder Road", and "Soldier of Fortune."

If you are ever in communication with him, please send our fondest regards.

Yours Truly,
Steve Cannon

February 25, 2006

In 1965 or 1966, I was serving in the United States Marine Corps in Morocco. I and two other marines happened upon a city where Mr. Barry was filming Maroc 7. I left a note at the hotel that if he had a few minutes three marines would like to meet him.

That evening, we returned to the hotel and discovered that Mr. Barry had left instructions that he was to be notified should we return to the hotel. He came from the swimming pool to the lobby to meet us; introduced us to some other actors, then escorted us to a lounge where he actually mixed drinks for us. We listened to Mr Barry for quite some time answering our questions about his career and the movie business. Then he told us he wanted to ask us some questions. He wanted to know all about our life in the United States Marine Corps, and asked us to go over our experiences with him from bootcamp to then. We were all 19 or 20 years old at the time.

It seems he had a son who was considering joining the Marines, and Mr. Barry wanted to know how his son would be treated. After we talked for probably two hours, and answered all his questions, he allowed us to have our pictures taken with him.

I was very impressed with Mr. Barry and since then look back, and am even more impressed that he was so interested in his son's welfare that he took the time to question us in Morocco.

Mr. Barry is a real gentleman, and I will always remember the time he gave to three young Marines. If you speak to him, give him best wishes from his three Marine friends from Morocco.

Jim Sayre

Sept. 29, 2006

When I was 13, in the early 60’s I was blessed to have seen Brigadoon at the Circle Arts Theater in San Diego.  My Mom and I lived at the Sands Hotel at the time and the theatre was next door.  My Mom was attempting to dive into the pool and she was doing a lot of belly flops when Mr. Barry came out of his hotel room.  He showed my Mom what she was doing wrong and taught her to dive. My Mom didn’t recognize him; but I told her who he was.  She taught gifted children in grade school and didn’t have a lot of free time to watch television. 

I remember I baby sat his Son one night when he was performing.  My Mom passed away in 1970 but she still remembered that meeting with Mr. Barry.  I wanted to thank him for the very wonderful memory I have; he is a very warm and thoughtful person.  Thank you so much for letting me pass on this information.

Dottie Wallace

January 7, 2007

My name is Stella Church and I can remember, as a little girl, watching the “Bat Masterson” series with my father. Mr. Barry is (was) and always will be a, “Class Act”. My father was impressed with his ability to exude style and flair. I just tuned in to the Western Channel and watched the marathon of Bat Masterson episodes, which brought back many fond memories. Please relay a message to Mr. Barry that I wish that he is doing well. P.S. My husband remembers Mr. Barry from “The War of the Worlds”.

Thank you,
Stella Church

January 11, 2007

      Hi ya!!
             IF,IF,IF you ever have a chance to communicate,again,with Mr.Gene Barry,PLEASE tell Mr.Barry that a guy in North Carolina thoroughly enjoyed EVERY SECOND of last weekend's "Bat Masterson" marathon on Encore Westerns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
             "He wore a cane and derby hat;they called him Bat---Bat Masterson"...
            Randy Erdman

January 16, 2007

I don’t know how to act, but I know what good acting is. In the “War of The Worlds” as the Martians are advancing, Gene’s character is describing the “…magnetic flux” that supports their machines. Like a true scientist, totally oblivious to that fact that he might be zapped at any moment, he finishes his description saying, “This is amazing!”  His quivering delivery of those three words showed a basic emotion that I’ve never seen since in movies. That’s acting!

-Paul Novak-  

Jan. 23, 2007

Thoroughly enjoyed your site honoring Gene Barry.  As a baby boomer, I grew up on "Bat Masterson", "The Name of the Game", and "Burke's Law."  I also consider the original "War of the Worlds" to be among the finest science fiction films ever made.
I have and will always be a western enthusiast so I suppose I am more partial to Mr. Barry's work on "Bat Masterson".  The Encore Movie Channel is now showing the series and I am delighted to watch Mr. Barry again uncut and commercial free!  As a matter of fact, the TV show has rekindled my interest in Bat to the extent that I have embarked on another one of my odyssees - to replicate his entire Bat Masterson ensemble!  I started yesterday and thank God for the Internet!  I have been able to purchase what I hope will be good quality items at nominal costs.  I've already ordered a watch fob, cane, derby hat, and replica sixgun with stag horn grips with the utmost attention to detail re the Barry "Masterson" look.  I'll probably be out about $500-600 bucks when I'm through but it will have been worth it.  Think I'll throw a western costume party when I'm through!

Again, thanks for your fine site and the additional inspiration it provided.  Gene Barry is a fine actor and thank God he was not saddled with a bigger role in that awful remake of War of the Worlds.  The cameo sufficed for all his fans.  Although I don't feel he was ever typecast, no one plays a witty, urbane, and charismatic sophisticate quite like Gene Barry regardless of the genre!  Continued success with your site and you may want to forward this e-mail to Mr. Barry - he may get a chuckle out of it.  God Bless!
Rick Du Bose
Washington, DC

April 28, 2007

Hello Ladies!

   First, let me thank you for a very wonderful site for Gene Barry. As a child I was a Bat Masterson Fan and recently have been rejuvinated by the showing of the series on Encore Westerns. This has rescued TV from oblivion for me. How Bat makes my day now! And how your great efforts make my day as well. I so enjoyed looking over the many pages and I have a lot of reading ahead for sure.

    As I hear the Bat Theme song now almost every day I can't help but wonder who sings the song. I have searched the web for many hours and read my eyes blind trying to find any mention of this. There is much about the writer, musicians, and recordings, but nobody seems to know who the singer is. Myself and a few others have had discussion on this topic on the website. (TV and Movie Info site). A number of names are mentioned:

William Lee, Thurl Ravenscroft (Tony The Tiger and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Pernel Roberts, Howard Keel, William Conrad, and Gene Himself.

   We have been comparing the Actual theme from VCR to some of the movies Howard Keel has made and it sounds real close. But still, this cannot definatively answer the question. One person makes a strong case for William Lee.

    So, my request is, if you have any information on this subject or can possibly ask Mr. Barry himself, would you please let me know or post something about this on your site? This song has been forever etched in my mind and upon many, many fans. It deserves to be properly documented for the future as well. Whoever sings this has such a
wonderful voice and carries the sustaining notes so well. It would be great to relieve the many trivia buffs who are losing sleep over this as well, myself included, hah. I notice that you show a copy of the origianl sheet music on your memorabelia pages. Perhaps the
information is there.

    Thank you so much for any help you can be on this most pressing of trivial matters! But this is hard to think of as just trivia, it is valuable Western History. Once again thank you for doing a great tribute to Gene Barry and his many talents, all of which are top notch and most precious to the Classic TV fan. MY personal thanks to Gene for making my day and giving us one of the most enduring heros of the west!

Frank Charles

May 28, 2007

My name is Mr Kerry Pearson from Sydney Australia.

Well I must say it is just fantastic to find a web site on Gene Barry. I have been a fan of his since I started watching the first Burkes Law way back when I was very young, I was born on the 10th October 1954.

I would really love to know what ever happened to his driver in Burkes Law damned if I can remember his name. I remember him in Bat Masterson.

I have the original War of the Worlds on Video and DVD and as far as I am concerned it will always be the original and the best.

Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds is excellent special effects and all, but Gene in my mind is a better actor -- pass that onto him too. A happy birthday Gene for June next Month. Keep going you can make it to 100 mate.

Will you please ask Gen has he ever come to Sydney Australia for a visit or holidays as I don’t recall that he has.

Do you get many letters from fans in Australia. I would love Gene to autograph A Photo for me, can this possibly be arranged I would hang it in my lounge room for everyone to see.

Well I am going to keep an eye out and hope my letter is posted on the Web and hope Gene reads it. Take care my son I always think of you mate.


Your number 1 fan in Australia.

Kerry Pearson

May 29, 2007

One of the best things about the Internet is the discovery of a site that is obviously a labour of love, combined with dedicated research and accuracy.  All of those describe your Official Gene Barry Fan Page.
While I was aware of Bat Masterson, I really grew up with Mr. Barry's Burke's Law.  Even as a youngster who had to pursuade his parents to let him watch the show every week, I loved the premise; enjoyed the interaction between Burke and his detectives, Hart and Tilson; and was thoroughly bowled over by Mr. Barry's impeccable performance.  There was no doubt in my young mind that I, most certainly, would grow up to be wealthy, suave, and handsome.
I fell somewhat short of that goal.  Now some forty years later, I am certainly not wealthy; I can be suave on a good day; and as to whether or not I am handsome, that depends on the observer (and my wife doesn't count--she's prejudiced).

The one aspect of my life where I did parallel Amos Burke was in that I became a police officer.  And even there, my law-enforcement career was as sporadic as Captain Burke's in dividing his time between local law-enforcement and Federal.
You see, my first career was as a Naval officer.  (As much as I loved Burke's Law, Jackie Cooper's Hennesey was a bigger influence.)  After eleven years in that profession, a mandated reduction-in-force moved me from active duty to the reserves.  So I became a police officer.  (Being financially better-heeled than most of my rookie brethren, I had daydreams of someday reporting to work in a Rolls-Royce, blaring the Burke's Law theme over the stereo.)
Flash forward five years, and the political situation had changed, and the Navy invited me back on active duty, where I remained until retiring as a Commander after twenty-seven years.  I found sitting around the house boring and my wife found me being underfoot all of the time (especially when she had to haul herself off to work every morning) less than optimum.  So guess what?  I am a cop, again.  Yeah, my bones creak a little more, and I let the young guys kick in all the doors, but fortunately, it's a profession that still requires more brain than brawn.  Besides, I am under marching orders from my dear wife not to retire again until she does.
So Burke's Law is never far from my mind.  Obviously, no subsequent incarnation of an Amos Burke show ever equalled the original, with its obvious Hollywood glitz and the marvellous chemistry between Burke; the crusty veteran, Sergeant Hart; and the young-but-had-the-jump-on- everything Detective Tilson.  But it was Mr. Barry's performance that carried the show and made even Amos Burke, Secret Agent tolerable.  As thrilled as I was to see Burke's Law revived in the mid-1990's, it fell short of the original's mark in too many ways.  The chemistry between Mr. Barry and Peter Barton, who played his son, just wasn't there.  Nor was it there between Burke and his chauffeur, the new "Henry", as it was between Mr. Barry and Leon Lontoc.  I was also disappointed that the revival never made any real attempts to connect with the original, outside of the basic format.  Granted, Regis Toomey and Leon Lontoc had both passed away, and perhaps, Gary Conway could not have been pursuaded to reprise his role as Tim Tilson; but there was never even a mention of them by Burke.  It would have been nice to hear Burke say something like "Les never would have missed that," or "In the old days, Tim would have already have found that out."  Or even a mention of the old "Henry".
And wouldn't the revival have been a perfect set-up to bring back Anne Francis' "Honey West" for an episode?

Nevertheless, again, it was Mr. Barry's wonderful performance that smoothed over all of those bumps for me.  Mr. Barry is spot-on--as I read in your interview with him--that it was CBS's constant shifting and prempting that did the show in.  Toward the end, I missed a few episodes because I couldn't keep up with when, or if, it was airing that week.
I discovered your site serendipitously, while I was looking for, of all things, "The Last Will and Testiment of Charles Lounsbury".  A teacher had read it to the class once when I was in junior high school, and I was trying to find the exact prose.  And a Google search took me right to your site.  I have been having a grand time going through all of your information and details.  "Comprehensive" is most definitely the operant adjective.  You two have done so expert a job.  I cannot overpraise it.
Thank you for going to all the trouble, work, and expense to present something like this on line.  It is a true pleasure for someone like myself to read and remember a high point of my youth.  Well done to you both.
Very respectfully,
Adam Benson

Commander, U. S. Navy (ret.)

July 15, 2007

I am going to be writing this e-mail for my grandson Erik, who is six years old and thinks Gene Barry and his version of War of the Worlds is the best thing ever.  In fact for Easter, when he got all dressed up, he said "I look just like Gene Barry".  The rest is from Erik.
Dear Gene Barry:
You are the best. I love you, Gene Barry.  Your fighting machines look very cool to me. You have very pretty girl friend.  You know what I think? You're the best man in the world.
Erik Beam

November 6, 2007

To you at the site,

I wanted to thank you for what must have taken some time and love to make, and for a well deserved actor. I wrote to Mr. Barry asking for an autograph and just received it last week which happens to be Oct. 2007. He seems like a nice man, and knowing some actor's in the past some people can differ greatly from rolls they portray. I believe that  Gene has genuine class and character. I would like to know what he is doing now and how he is feeling, since is wife did pass away and he did remake War Of The Worlds. I did let him know that the original was better and in life most original shows are better when an actor can make a roll his own. Nobody else could ever be Bat Masterson for example. I plan on having a career in radio and am currently a college student, and I may be one of his younger fans. I look for great actors and people with good morals in life and he seems to have it all. I wish him good health and I hope he returns to tv or the movies again. And I read about wanting his cane and derby hat who wouldn't want that? I will have a cane made some day if anyone has a pattern of the head of the can let me know. I ramble on but one last point, so often you could predict as in Gunsmoke or Bonanza how a show may end? or when something might happen, with Bat you weren't sure. Would he kill someone? or wound them? or just talk sense to them? It showed that no all people in the west were blood thirsty killers. And I do recommend everyone read up on the real Bat. Thank you Mr. Barry for the autograph I really do treasure it!

David Whittington

November 15, 2007

Dear Ladies. 

The other day I caught an episode of Bat Masterson on TV and what a joy to race back to such a wonderful time and enjoy again the innocence of great television.  It was refreshing to say the least and reminded me of a great experience I had as a young boy.  I was raised in the northern tip of Utah in a little town called River Heights.  A one mile bicycle ride took us to the heart of our nearest larger city called Logan. It was the 4th of July and the big parade was happening that day.  The year was 1959 and I was seven years old as I stood in awe of all the beautiful floats and musical bands that passes us by one after the other.  Then, like some kind of dream coming true before my very eyes came a man in a black suit, a derby hat on this head and a cane under his left arm.  In the other hand were the reins of a beautiful prancing black horse.  Could it be? Oh it was!  It was Bat Masterson!  He had come to our town and as he passed I swear to this day he smiled straight down at me and nodded as he passed on by. 

I know now of course that it was the great Gene Barry on that horse. For the thrill he gave me as kid to actually see the great Bat Masterson fills me with gratitude to this day.  I have come to appreciate Gene Barry the man for taking the time to appear in our little hometown parade and especially for teaching one young boy that heroes not only lived in the wild west but are still alive and well in my time too.  Thanks to Mr. Barry for the great lifetime memory and for helping to keep a smile on this now fifty-five year old man's face.  

Scott Simmons, Logan, Utah

December 13, 2008

Hello gals, believe it or not, I am a 24 year old young woman, who has gotten to witness The great Bat Masterson in action and I fell madly in love with the character of him. Gene Barry is phenominal as Bat Masterson. How did a young pup like me get to see him?, you may ask. Well, I do home health for a living in Ohio and a client of mine who is in his late seventies likes to watch Bat Masterson. He had called me into the living room to ask me if I had ever heard of Bat Masterson. Of course, even though he is an historical history figure, I have not. He then asked me if I had ever heard of Gene Barry. I had never heard of him either. My client told me to sit down and watch for a minute or two. I am now hooked, constantly trying to find Bat Masterson reruns on TV Guide. That was the best looking, most smooth talking man I had ever seen, next to my husband of course. Since then I have decided to continue looking up information about the famous Gene Barry, and that is how I happened to come upon your very well put together website. I would like to thank you girls for making your website and sharing all of this wonderful information with others. And it really does just go to show, your never to young or to old to witness the working arts of the man that is Gene Barry, aka Bat Masterson.

Thank you again, Cassie

May 1, 2009


What a wonderful site you have made in honor of Mr. Gene Barry.

I hope Mr. Barry has a chance to read these lovely letters about him.
I have never had the pleasure of meeting him but alas have adored him from afar.

I was born in 1951 so when the tv series Bat Masterson came out I was only 7 years old at the time and completely smitten with the handsome suave Mr. Barry from the start.  I loved how he didn't look like the rest of the dusty cowboys but was a man of culture and elegance. His beautiful black horse Stardust was so perfect for him.

I think it was so clever how he would use his cane to defend himself.  He was always on the side of justice.  I just wish the show could have been an hour, a half hour went by just too quickly.

Then, Ta, Ta, Burke's Law tv series came on and I was 12 at the time.  Now I was totally head over heals in love with this handsome elegant man.  What a great show and no one could have played Amos Burke like Gene Barry.

I caught some episodes of Bat Masterson recently and my heart went pitter patter again and I went to the internet and found this wonderful website.

Thank you ladies for this wonderful website

And Mr. Barry if you perchance read this, you are a wonderful actor.  I also have seen you sing as well on tv many years ago and you have a beautiful voice. And you still set my heart on fire.

Best wishes and Regards

July 31, 2009

Thanks for the web site. I've always been a fan of Mr. Barry. In fact last night I watched a Burkes Law episode.

A couple of years ago I brought home a little cat (we call Bitsy) who was abandoned on a golf course that I play. It was when Bat Masterson was playing regular on the Western channel. Of course I would watch the show regularly and every time the theme song would play that little cat would run full speed into the room and plop down in front of me and roll over and want some loving and petting. She'd roll over and make her little talking sounds (she's a talker). So I when I found that Encore was replacing Bat Masterson with Maverick I started recording the show at the beginning and end to have enough theme songs to keep Bitsy in her little "Bat Masterson" world.

So I guess Bitsy is the biggest Gene Barry fan in our house.


Dec. 10, 2009

Good day ...

We wished to send along our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to you, the family and friends of Gene Barry ...

While 90 is a very decent run we all would have hoped that he had lasted much longer ...

In the early days of television his 'Bat Masterson' then 'Burke's Law' programs were always anxiously awaited as were all of the other fine productions he participated through his long and varied career ...

We were most sorry to learn of his departure from the scene ...

Finally, we wish to commend both of you ladies most highly for the fine effort you have put into your most informative and detailed web page in his honor and memory ...

We offer you both our very best wishes ...
Clay M 

Dec. 10, 2009

I read the news tonight, and I had to stop and reflect on the impact this man had on my adolescent years - all of it good.  It seems my entire middle school years were taken up with Burke's Law, Bat Masterson reruns, and Honey West in some form or another - and I still managed to pass every year with a B average! I just got through watching a Bat Masterson marathon.
I thank you (and Nan) for the wonderful website, and I've enjoyed perusing it many times in the past 8 years or so.
Barbara L

Dec. 10, 2009

Fond memories of yesteryear and with deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

John W

Dec. 11, 2009

I was the teacher of Gene's son Freddy in the third grade.  Freddy was my favorite student with the best sense of humor of any student in my six years of teaching at Warner Avenue.  His sculpted clay dinosaur was so good that I asked him to make a duplicate for me which I kept to show future students. Gene Barry performed at Open House in my classroom presentation for the parents of my class. Please send my sympathies to the Fredric Barry family.

Sincerely,    Leonard Y

Dec. 11, 2009

Hi Glenda & Nan,
Really sad news about G.B., I just felt I should send an email expressing my sorrow at his passing. A friend texted me this morning saying , "There's an 'Adventurer' shaped star in Heaven tonight" - it may be a little obscure for some perhaps, but I  immediately knew what he meant. Another iconic actor of our childhood days had gone. Several months ago, another of my 'heroes', 'Danger man', Patrick McGoohan   passed away. And only last month I felt more than a tinge of sadness on learning that the excellent  Edward Woodward, of 'Callan/The Equalizer' fame' would no longer be available to sign autographs!
These events are, of course, inevitable in the scheme of things, and in spite of the fact that I have never met any of the above mentioned, it doesn't diminish their power over me. These actors were masters at their craft, fun to watch, cool as ice, and inspiring to an impressionable young lad.  Gene Barry, or Amos Burke to give him his proper name was probably my earliest fictional TV  'role model'. That's not to say I grew up to become a millionaire  chief of detectives, driving a Rolls Royce, far from it, but that power did inspire me to write a letter across the world expressing my genuine sorrow at his passing -
That's Burke's Law! 
Mike Burrows

Dec. 12, 2009

Hello Glenda,

   I just wanted to take a moment to express my condolences for the loss of Gene Barry. I am more of one to celebrate a life rather than mourn one. Gene had a great life of 90 years and I pray all the best of times that his wonderful career should afford him. I am always grateful that you and I had a chance to talk of him and the Bat Masterson theme. Call me nuts, but I keep it in my car on a CD and even enjoy singing along as I drive.

   Mr. Barry will always be in my heart and Bat forever a favorite character. I still often enjoy an episode or two on my tapes. Gene has such a wonderful personality in that character. And with everything else I ever saw him do. I pray those in his family are well and know that many fans prayers are with them at this time. They can be proud
that Gene has left this world a better place for having been here.

   Thank you for your website and the things I have been able to learn from reading it. And for the conversation we had in the past. I hope we can chat again some time.

Frank Charles

Dec. 12, 2009

  I was so sad to read about his passing last night.  He was a wonderful actor and I enjoyed watching him in both versions of Burke's Law.  My condolences to his family at this difficult time.

Your friend always,

Barbara S

Dec. 12, 2009

My heart is heavy and I am saddened to hear about the passing of one of my all-time favorite cowboy's Gene Barry   "Bat Masterson"  He sure brought my wife and I a lot of pleasure watching  The Bat Masterson Show.   He will be sorely missed!  Unfortunately the Western Encore Channel doesn't show it anymore so we do not get a chance to see it.  I am truly sorry to lose such a good actor.  He was such a kind gentleman and a wonderful person. May God be with his family during this time of bereavement.
Sincerely Lonnie & Ellen Chapman,Friends From Indiana

Dec. 14, 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am sad to hear of the death of one of entertainments enduring stars - Gene Barry. He epitomised all that was good on TV during the great Lou Grade era of British & US TV.
Gene was a great Anglophile of measure which many will never equal !!!
Gene had big breaks in the silver screen and made his debut in film in the original version of HG Wells' WAR OF THE WORLDS in 1953, voice over commentary by Lye born Shakespearian actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke. It was the info and research about my eventual book on Sir Cedric Hardwicke, which I had undertaken in 2006, which I sent Gene earlier this year and recieved a wonderful personalised signed photo for my trouble. A mark of the man indeed !!
Gene took us on a wonderful TV, theatre and film journey which has sadly come to an end now, but all good things eventually do. He died in the US at the great age of 90 and that aint bad for a man otherwise known as Eugene Klass, born in New York in 1919. I have no doubt his standing in TV and film history will equal that of all the other greats and his star is in the heavens shining bright as I write.

Dec. 17, 2009

I just heard that Gene Barry died last week. It's the first time in years that the death of a celebrity brought tears to my eyes.
To find out more I read your website to discover that your co-webmaster died the day after Mr. Barry. How very, very sad. Yet, perhaps it was fitting that they both may be together in the afterlife.
Thank you for a great website and please keep it up in the memory of one of the best actors of all time.

Dec. 19, 2009

I just watched War of the Worlds, again, with my son today, so I went online to see how Mr. Barry was doing. I'm so saddened about his passing. When I was a kid, I thought his character, Dr. Forrester, was the coolest guy around. Gene Barry really did a wonderful job in portraying a real hero in that movie.
My condolences on your co-webmaster's passing.
Robert V, Las Vegas, NV