Television Appearances

Gene Barry
1949 Hollywood Screen Test
1949 The Clock: "The Take"
1950 Believe It or Not: "The Blood Call"
1950 Space Patrol
Loretta Young Show: "Something About Love" (as Architect)
1954 Suspense: "The Girl in Car Thirty-Two" 
1954 Lux Video Theatre: "To Each His Own" (as Cosgrove/Griggsy)
1955 Fireside Theatre: "Nailed Down" (as Lukas)
1955 Appointment with Adventure: "Race the Comet" (as Conrad Janis)
1955 The Loretta Young show: "Something About George"
1955 Science Fiction Theatre: "The World Below" (as Captain Forrester)
1955 Science Fiction Theatre: "Spider, Inc." (as Joe Ferguson)
1955 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Triggers in Leash" (as Dell Delaney)
1955 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Salvage" (as Dan Varrel)
1955 Ford Television Theatre: "The Blue Ribbon" (as Carp)
1955 Ford Television Theatre: "Touch of Spring" (as Bill Hannagan)
1955 Stage 7: "Debt to a Stranger"
1955 The Millionaire: "The Story of Steve Carey" (as Steve Carey)
TV's Reader's Digest: "Anatomy of a Graft" (as Victor Martin)
1956 The Jane Wyman Theatre: "A Place on the Bay" (as Hal Robertson)
1956 Ford Television Theatre: "The Women Who Dared" (as John Thatcher)
1956 Damon Runyon Theatre: "The Good Luck Kid" (as 'Denver' Dan Taggert)
1956 GE Theatre: "Return to Guam"
1957 The Jane Wyman Show: "The Pendulum" (as Brad Nelson)
Walter Winchell File: "The Witness" (as Larry Peterson); pilot episode
Studio 57: "Nailed Down" (as Lukas)
1957 Playhouse 90: "Ain't No Time for Glory" (as Lt. Roy Koalton)
1957 The 20th Century Fox Hour: "Threat to a Happy Ending" (as Lt. Eddie Pfeiffer)
Target, "Police Doctor"
1958 Walter Winchell File: "The Headline Hero: File #28"
1959 The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (as himself)
1959 The Perry Como Show (as himself)
1960 Tiptoe Through TV (Sid Caesar Special, 5/5/60)
1960 The World of Show Biz (Sid Caesar Special, 6/20/60)
1961 An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (11/21/61)
1961 Pete and Gladys, "Crossed Wires" (as himself)
1961 Westinghouse Presents: "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving" (as himself)
The Ed Sullivan Show (episode 14.31)
1962 The Dick Powell Show, "Seeds of April" (as Robert Thatcher)
The Dick Powell Show, "The Prison"
1962 G.E. Theatre, "The Roman Kind" (as Mike Thompson)
1963 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, "Dear Uncle George" (as John Chambers)
1964 Hollywood Palace (episode 1.23; as host, sings "Lady Be Good" and "It's All Right with Me"; w/Bette Davis and Olivia deHaviland) (6/6/64)
1964 Hollywood Palace (episode 2.7; as host, sings "Just In Time," "Day In, Day Out" & "Perfect Paris Night"; w/Buster Keaton & Gloria Swanson)
1964 Hollywood Palace (episode 2.16; cameo) (11/7/64)
American Bandstand (interview)
1965 ABC Preview Show (as host)
1965 The Andy Williams Show
1965 Hollywood Palace (episode 3.28; as host, sang "A Real Live Girl," "What Am I?" and "All I Need Now Is a Girl") (1/6/65)
1965 ABC Nightlife
The London Paladium Show (episode dated May 23, 1965) (as Himself)
Hollywood Palace (episode 4.30; as host; sang "Charm, Style and Sex" and "Sunrise, Sunset"; dramatic reading about a father's farewell to his soldier son) (4/9/66)
The Ed Sullivan Show (episode 20.22)
The Dean Martin Show (episode dated March 30, 1967; as guest, w/Eddie Fisher, Corbett Monica, Abbe Lane, Hermans Hermits)
1967 Mike Douglas Show (2/13-17/67)
1970 Red Skelton Show: Gene Barry episode
Kraft Music Hall
The Movie Game [family/game show] (episode dated 7 August 1971) (as Himself)
1974 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
1975 Tattle Tales Game Show
1977 Charlies Angels, "Angels in the Wings" (as Frank Jason)
1977 The Feather and Father Gang, "The Apology" (as Generalis)
1978 The Love Boat, "Where Is It Written?" (as Al Newberry)
Fantasy Island, "Treasure Hunt/Beauty Contest" (as Neville Quinn)
1979 Greatest Heroes of the Bible, "Sodom and Gomorrah"  (as Abraham)
1979 Greatest Heroes of the Bible, "Abraham's Sacrifice" (as Abraham)
1979 Fantasy Island, "The Beauty Contest" (as Neville Quinn)
1981 Charlies Angels, "Hula Angels" (as Steve Moss)
1981 The Love Boat, "Vicki and the Gambler" (as Wade)
1981 Aloha Paradise
1981 Fantasy Island, "My Late Lover" (as 'Dex' Dexter)
1981 Fantasy Island, "Lillian Russell" (as Jim Brady)
1982 The Love Boat, "She Brought Her Mother Along" (as Ted Anderson)
American Playhouse, "The Great Whodunit" (as Himself)
1984 Bloopers and Practical Jokes
1985 An American Portrait
1986 The Annual Tony Awards (presenter)
1986 Crazy Like a Fox, "Fox and Wolf" (as Nicholas Roland)
1986 The 38th Annual Emmy Awards (presenter)
1986 NBC's 60th Anniversary Celebration (5/12/86)
1986 Entertainment Tonight: Musical scene from 38th Annual Emmy Awards Show (9/22/86)
1987 Twilight Zone, "Time and Teresa Golowitz" (as The Prince of Darkness)
1987 Hotel, "Reservations" (as Michael Casey)
1987 Happy 100th Birthday, Hollywood (5/18/87)
1987 The Shell Game, "The Old Team" (as Jason Starr)
1987 Entertainment Tonight: Interview at Sidney Sheldon Book Party (12/2/87)
1988 The 12th Annual Mrs. America Pageant (judge)
1988 My Secret Identity, "You've Got a Friend"
1988 Entertainment Tonight: Interview at Beverly Hills Diamond Jubilee Musical (7/4/88)
1989 Pat Sajack Show
1989 Murder She Wrote, "Test of Wills" (as Henry Reynard)
1992 Hearts are Wild
Hollywood Aliens and Monsters
2000 Hollywood Off-Ramp, "Unfunny Girl"
Mrs. World Pageant (judge)
Hollywood Christmas Parade

Studio One [year unknown, series ran 1948-1958]

Pulitzer Playhouse [year unknown, series ran 1950-1952]

The Jackie Gleason Show [year unknown, series ran 1952-1959]

The Milton Berle Show