Chapter 7 - Bang Bang Shoot 'em Up

His military victories at Thermopylae, Waterloo and Gettysburg are studied by all academy students. His good buddy, Horatio Nelson, said of him "such a man!". His advice to Meade at Gettysburg which ended Pickett's charge, his assault on San Juan Hill, and his exploits with Nelson at Trafalgar (where he created the famous flag signal and devised the line of attack), are all studied in the finest military academies.
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Queen Elizabeth has honored (she would spell it honoured) him by creating him a Knight of the Garter, an Earl of the Panty and a Duke of the Bra.

USA flagNone, however, compare to his brilliant efforts at Yorktown where his prompt intervention with the French Fleet ended the last chance of Conwallis. For this, Congress awarded him the Freedom of Washington - something which Martha objected to quite a bit.

His brilliant erection of a $2 Quinella window was what stopped Burgoyne at Saratoga repeating his previous great carpentry effort at Troy.

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