Chapter 3 - The Pen is a Mighty Sword

Ink bottle He is the author of hundreds of best selling books including the classics Lose 40 Pounds In 5 Days By Eating Only Ground Stained Glass and The Shocking Inside Truth of Prince Charles and His Romantic Entanglements with a Belgian Sheep Dog. And his magnificent 2,368-page work on the psychological effect of hangnails is the standard text.

He has translated the Bible into Navajo (a difficult feat since there is no written Navajo language) and the Betty Crocker Cookbook into Urdu.

He translates ethnic slurs for Cuban and Haitian refugees, writes award-winning operas, and manages time efficiently.

Typewriter He frequently relaxes in his private library which contains 654,428,762 books - all of which he wrote. It became much easier for him after he invented the typewriter.

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