Chapter 2 - A Few of His Notable Inventions

Bob is a world-renowned inventor (powdered instant water), holder of over 4,000 patents (including the best-selling solar powered flashlight and the leading do-it-yourself brain surgery kit).

Two of his greatest contributions to the advancement of mankind through technology are these triumphs of genius: the lava light and the yo-yo.


Animated clamp In computer science, of course, he is famous for the invention of the algorithm known as Crush-Crunch-Squeeze, which results in compression ratios twelve orders of magnitude greater than PKZIP. All of the Win95 OS can be compressed onto a single 360K floppy disk with the CCS program. As a public service, this magnificent bit of coding has been released into the Public Domain and can be found on better BBSs everywhere. If and when he writes the program to decompress the resulting files, it will be made available on easy payment terms.

Among his many inventions, we pass over the electric light, the automobile, the television and even the airplane to single out his greatest contribution to mankind - the toilet. Toilet Yea and truly, Bob invented the first indoor toilet. But his basic modesty (and a desire to not see it referred to as a "miller"), caused him to pass the plans off to Sir Thomas Crapper who took full credit.

beanie Macintosh His invention of the beanie inspired the creators of the fine computer known as the Mak. A special, large version of the beanie is modeled by his favorite cow Della, below:

Cow wearing beanie

Clock And, of course, his discoveries of time and fire have certainly changed the course of human history and development.

Wall of fire

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