Chapter 13 - The Wild Kingdom


A breeder of exotic animals, his back yard in Northern Utah includes fire-breathing dragons, brontausaurus and tyrannosaurs as well as the largest private collection of Pterodactyls in the world.
Dragon T-rex

All live in peace and harmony except for Ch. Perry Adolphus Ludwig Sebastial Malamute von Thurn, in his own 345,000,000 gallon aquarium in the living room. Cuddles, as he is called for short, insists upon always being ready for a fight. Click here to see Cuddles and more of Bob's other favorite fish.

He recently perfected a moose mating call. Unfortunately, now the homestead is somewhat overrun with moose.


  The lion enjoys sleeping on the bed (no one argues with him) while Pegasus roams freely in the yard. Click here to see Widdle Puddy (the lion), and here to see a larger (150k) home-video of Peggy, the flying horse.

Bob breeds prize-winning clams, has won bullfights in San Juan, cliff-diving competitions in Sri Lanka, and spelling bees at the Kremlin.

Other happy members of the family are Big Puddy Tat, Tiger Ollie Owl and Christmas Dinner, shown below:


Other winged creatures enjoy cavorting at the homestead:


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