Chapter 12 - Hobbies

An avid collector, Bob's magnificent collection of "Toenails of the Rich and Famous" has been the recipient of numerous international awards.

His 5.6 kilo ball of belly-button lint (all his own) is believed to be the world's largest. It is kept in a climate-controlled vault and protected by attack cats.

And no one who has seen his exhibit of hangnails has ever been the same afterward.

He also used to have a spectacular collection of dingleberries but Glenda made him dispose of it.

Hacker A favorite pastime is revising the laws of physics and improving computers throughout the known universe.

Here is a glimpse into his computer laboratory:

Demonic pc Virus

From here have come the programs used throughout the world, including those always popular ones UAE.EXE, GPF.COM and YOU LOSE - NOW FORMATTING DRIVE C.BAT.

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