Chapter 10 - Amore

Bikini dancer He woos women with his sensuous and godlike bagpipe playing, amazes them by piloting bicycles up severe inclines with unflagging speed and without ever pausing for breath, and by cooking Thirty-Minute Brownies in 20 minutes.

Bob is now happily and monagamously living with Glenda of Roy. But, in the past, he has had the attentions of other women. While not one to kiss and tell, since they have made their dalliances known, he feels no hesitancy in admitting to have had affairs with Helen of Troy, Eleanor of Aquataine, Catherine of Aragon, Catherine of Russia and Sally of Cleveland. The rumors that he also had an affair with Lot's wife are unfounded - although he is fond of salt.

For your perusal, below is a collage of various women Bob in whose company Bob has been:


skiing Now that Bob has settled down, he has found Roy to be truly a garden spot of the universe - especially after being blessed with his presence. He has even investigated some of the Utah ski slopes.

Below are some more typical scenes in this island paradise.

Island sunset


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