Burke's Law Episode Guide

(Sept. 20, 1963 to May 5, 1965)
  • Gene Barry (Captain Amos Burke, 1963-65)
  • Regis Toomey (Det. Lester Hart, 1963-65)
  • Gary Conway (Det. Tim Tilson, 1963-65)
  • Leon Lontoc (Henry, 1963-65)
  • Eileen O'Neill (Sgt. Ames, 1964-65)
  • Guest stars
  • Trivia
Who Killed Holly Howard? 


9/20/63 The aroma of orange blossoms leads Amos to the murderer of Holly Howard, a beautiful model, found drowned in a swimming pool. An autopsy reveals that Holly was not drowned in the pool -- her lungs contained water with a trace of orange blossom bath salts in it. She was probably drowned in her own tub. 
Who Killed Mr. X?  9/27/63 Emory Flood, industrial tycoon, is found murdered in an amusement park. Amos interrogates Mason, a large stockholder in the Flood empire. Mason tells Amos that the night Flood was shot he called Mason from a phone booth to ask for help. When Mason arrived, Flood was dead. Though denying the murder, Mason admits to transporting the body to the amusement park.  (Gene Barry's son Fred was featured in this episode.)
Who Killed Cable Roberts?  10/4/63 Cable Roberts, big-game hunter, explorer and lecturer, is shot and killed with one of his own hunting rifles. His secretary and right hand man, Arthur Clark, is interrogated and the investigation reveals that along with working for Roberts, Clark was his brother. 
Who Killed Harris Crown?  10/11/63 Amos is once again surrounded by females and homicide. The girls include a saleslady who wants to marry rich, a rich man's "protege," a widow, a society matron, and a Hollywood columnist. The problem: who fixed the widow's car and killed her husband?
Who Killed Julian Buck?  10/18/63 Julian Buck, the renowned novelist, has been found strangled. The likeliest suspect is Thomas Marton, a crippled college Professor who insists that Buck was his father and who was consistently enraged by Buck's refusal to acknowledge him as his son. Another candidate is Francesca Bel Ami who vowed revenge on Buck when he tried to trade her for a story plot in which he was interested. 
Who Killed Alex Debbs? 10/25/63 Alex Debbs, wealthy night club owner and publisher of Debonaire Magazine, is found dead in his new club on opening night. Among the suspects is Sidney Wilde, cartoonist for Debonaire. Wilde readily admits disliking Debbs but denies his murder. Later, Wilde phones Amos to tell him he knows who killed Debbs and that the murderer is with him. Before Wilde can identify the murderer, the phone goes dead. 
Who Killed Sweet Betsy?  11/1/63 More jolly good fun and games as the victim is murdered by a lethal martini and Amos begins investigating the dead girl's family, which consists of a glamorous sister and an aunt.
Who Killed Billy Joe?  11/8/63 This episode continues to combine murder, sex, and comedy in an appealing manner. A rock 'n roll singer gets his night but not before viewers have heard him introduce, "Tears, Tears." Clue: a big point is made that the dead singer was superstitious.
Who Killed Wade Walker?  11/15/63 A time bomb in the luggage compartment of a private plane owned by wealthy shipbuilder Wade Walker explodes and at first glance it looks as though the bomb was responsible for Walker's death.  However, a coroner's report indicates that Walker had received a lethal dose of morphine just before taking off which took effect immediately after he was airborne.
Who Killed the Kind Doctor?  11/29/63 Society psychologist Dr. Eric Techman phones Amos to ask for protection. He has been threatened by one of his patients and before the conversation is completed it is interrupted by three gunshots. Amos races over and discovers Techman dead. He questions Techman's secretary and his wife and asks them both to conceal Techman's death until he can learn more about Techman's patients. 
Who Killed Purity Mather?  12/06/63 Amos is at home when a messenger arrives with a phonograph from Purity Mather, a "sorceress." On it she tells Amos she is about to be murdered and that a list of suspects is enclosed.  When Amos, Tim, and Les arrive at Purity's apartment, they find acid burns on her face before the fire. The body is identified  from a tattoo on her shoulder, the design of which also appears on a medallion around her pet crow. 
Who Killed Cynthia Royal?  12/13/63 Amos is after a double-killer and his most valuable ally turns out to be a genteel cat living it up in a back alley peopled by beatniks.
Who Killed Eleanora Davis?  12/20/63 Eleanora Davis, model and night-club photographer, is found dead in the mock-up of an electric chair in the phony "Antique Americana" exhibit. The white untanned mark on her left hand testifies to the absence of her wedding ring. While searching her apartment for clues, Amos discovers a dictionary with cards interspersed between the pages, bearing names and amounts, some marked "Paid". With each card there is a negative. (Gene Barry's son Fred was featured in this episode.)
Who Killed Beau Sparrow? 12/27/63 Amos is a pool party guest at the home of tycoon Victor Haggerty when Beau Sparrow, showing off on the diving board, is catapulted into the water, hitting his head on the side of the pool.  Despite efforts by Amos and Haggerty's physician, Dr. Ian MacLean to revive him, Sparrow dies.  Inspection reveals loose bolts on the board.
Who Killed Jason Shaw? 1/3/64 The body of the fabulously wealthy financier, Jason Shaw, is discovered covered in the suite of an exclusive hotel alongwith bits and pieces of charred thousand dollar bills. The remnants of the bills confirm the rumors that have been floating around for years of a fantastic, once a year, million dollar poker game. The identity of the other players is established, among them Janek Saboski, a wealthy Polish ship-builder. 
Who Killed Snooky Martinelli? 1/10/64 Amos is apparently murdered during the opening scene, but it turns out the victim is a lookalike. Jet-set suspects include a barefoot angel, a well-toupeed sponger, a pianist, a well-manicured ex-pug, a race driver, and a not-at-all bereaved widow.
Who Killed What's His Name?  1/17/64 Mr. Piggott faints in a bank owned by financier Victor Barrows. A man claiming to be a doctor examines Piggott then calls an ambulance and when it arrives, the driver and attendant join the "doctor" and rob the bank, during which Barrows is fatally shot. Amos and Tim talk to the witnesses but none of them can describe the suspects. When questioned about the "doctor", they all describe him as "Mr. Average".
Who Killed Madison Cooper?  1/24/64 A famous, if unethical, lawyer is stabbed, so Amos sets out investigating former clients who might have wanted him dead. There's a newsdealer whose father went to jail when the lawyer walked out on the case, a couple involved in a notorious paternity suit, a muchly-married murderess, and a double-crossed chemist.
Who Killed April? 1/31/64 April Adams is found in an auto junkyard - shot
twice.  Amos arrives at headquarters where he meets Tim's mother, Mrs. Tilson, and gets the coroner's report showing mustard under her fingernails and calluses on her feet.  Mrs. Tilson theorizes that the victim was a waitress. They find that April shares a large house with several other girls. They find
several bankbooks with large balances and sugar sacks from the drive-in.
Who Killed Carrie Cornell? 2/14/64 The body of Carrie Cornell, a tire chain around her neck, is found in the ocean near the beach. A preliminary coroner's report reveals she died from a blow on the right side of her head. Identification of the body is made -- from a picture in "Girlicue" magazine. The editor of the magazine tells Amos her picture was sent in by Martin Van Martin, oil millionaire. Van Martin's wife tells Amos her husband is away on business. 
Who Killed His Royal Highness?  2/21/64 His Royal Highness, Grand Duke Kadarian, is found murdered at a dinner party. Analysis of the victim's pill box reveals capsules containing lethal belladonna that were substituted for the Duke's digestive pills. In the Duke's house Amos finds two boxes of pills, along with an unfinished autobiography which was being written by a ghost-writer. The Grand Duke had made his reputation by being Hollywood's most successful phony.
Who Killed Marty Kelso? 2/28/64 Marty Kelso, Hollywood talent agent, plunges down a flight of stairs and lands at the feet of his "man Friday", McCoy, with a letter opener plunged in his throat. McCoy advises Burke that Marty had had a small dinner party for his new actress wife, Mia Bondini, and his three ex-wives with whom he had remained on
friendly terms.
Who Killed Avery Lord? 3/6/64 Amos Burke's dual problem is to find what lock a double-faced key discovered at a murder scene fits and find a mysterious girl in white.
Who Killed Andy Zygmunt? 3/13/64 Andy Zygmunt, a leading art satirist, gets impaled on one of his own paintings. Captain Burke, Les and Tim come upon the body in the Mason Galleries where Andy had been holding a show. Mason, who owns the gallery, notes that four paintings had been sold the day of the murder, while a fifth is missing. Andy was noted for cruel practical jokes.
Who Killed the Paper Dragon?  3/20/64 A sports car races down a Chinatown street.  The trunk opens, revealing the dead body of an Oriental philosophy professor.  Eye witnesses claim a Chinese girl and a child jumped out of the car and ran away.  A witness identifies the girl as Lotus Bud, a dancer at a club called The Paper Dragon. At the club, Amos meets Sen Yang, who claims to know nothing about the murder, stating he was in the club with several chorus girls.
Who Killed Molly?  3/27/64 A young housewife apparently fell in her shower, struck her head and died.  Her husband found her body when he came home.  Amos chides Les and Tim for calling him to the scene of an accident.  The coroner's report proves his hunch sound.  The housewife was strangled.
Who Killed Who IV?  4/3/64 The body of millionaire William Henry Otis, IV, known as Who  Four, is found propped up in a horse's stall dressed for the Hunt.  Amos, Les and Tim question Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle (old beau of Amos), Miss Beauregard, Peperill Twil (Who Four's butler), and Lank Sitwell, all suspects for the murder of Who Four. These suspects, all members of the Hunt Club Set, have lost money through the foolish investments of Who Four.
Who Killed Annie Foran?  4/10/64 The body of a playgirl, Annie Foran, is found strangled in the car belonging to a night club customer. A search of her apartment turns up an autographed picture of Eddie Dineen, pro baseball player. Dineen denies having killed Annie Foran or that he even knew her, claiming he autographed pictures like that solely for publicity reasons. 
Who Killed My Girl?  4/17/64 Diana Mercer is fatally shot in her home. Trumpet player Scubie Baker is Interrogated. Amos doesn't like what he hears when Scubie says that Diana had been dating him, along with many other men. Amos talks to Frank Walsh, a name in Diana's address book. He tells Amos he formerly chauffeured for the victim's father and, after his death, Diana would call him and they would reminisce about her late father. 
Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World?  4/24/64 Celia Bannerman is found fatally stabbed in a mud bath at Nirvana, a health spa that caters to wealthy women. Amos talks to Solange Kelly, proprietor of Nirvana. During the interrogation, Polly Martin, one of the guests, tries to leave the premises. A search of her car reveals a bloody letter opener in the trunk. Constance Dexter, another guest, tells Amos she is their most likely suspect; that she had planned to murder the victim.  (Gene Barry's wife Betty was featured in this episode.)
Who Killed Don Pablo?  5/1/64 The body of Don Pablo Ortega is found in a museum in the plaza of an old Spanish town. Amos talks to the victim's partner who admits he has much to gain from Don Pablo's death, but denies having killed him. Les talks to the victim's mother, who says her son was going to tear down the plaza and build a high rise building, for which he deserved to die. Amos learns of the secret underground passages of the plaza and the museum.
Who Killed Half of Glory Lee?  5/8/64 Amos invades the land of chiffon - the ladies garment business - when he investigates the murder of one of its least-liked manufacturers. Some of the wheelers and dealers of 7th Avenue prove to be very interesting.

Who Killed the Surf Board Broad? 9/16/64 Tina Romanine, a surfer and up-and-coming actress, drops dead on the beach after riding a wave in. A fellow surfer, Tim goes undercover and becomes friendly with the victim's surfing friends. A renowned novelist, Franklyn Warren, comes into the picture as more than a casual acquaintance. Things become more clear to Amos when he discovers that this older man is being sued by his wife for divorce. 
Who Killed Vaudeville? 9/23/64 A zany vaudeville act features murder, and Amos and Tim unwittingly get involved in the intriguing antics of show biz characters, who all vie for center stage.
Who Killed Cassandra Cass? 9/30/64 Cassandra Cass, Publisher of the International Blue Book of Society, is shot while lying on her bed with a facial mask on. Her secretary, Athelstone Scone, shows Amos a list of subscribers, four of which are written in red and all of whom Cass had been blackmailing. It turns out that all of them were guilty yet only the victim's butler can actually be pinpointed for the murder. 
Who Killed the Horne of Plenty? 10/7/64 The biggest name in modeling agency business, Charles Lee Horne, is shot with a high-powered rifle equipped with a scope. His brother, Al Devlin, and Claudia Sutton, the agency head, are considered suspects because they stand to inherit the business. Felice Knight, a model, is also suspect when she calls Tim by his first name, much to his bewilderment, and accuses him of "revealing authorized information" to her about Horne. It seems that Horne has a police record for extortion many years ago and she used this information to get a job as one of his models. Les and Amos rush to Knight's apartment when they receive a call from her only to find her dead as well. 
Who Killed Everybody? 10/14/64 Four members of a country club are poisoned while drinking a  bottle of brandy during their first weekly gathering. It turns out each victims' wives had a motive for killing her husband. Amos sets a trap for the killer at the scene by using a burned out light bulb.
Who Killed Mr. Cartwheel? 10/21/64 Amos investigates the murder of a numismatist who is strangled at a rare coin auction. The suspects are all outrageous characters.
Who Killed Cornelius Gilbert? 10/28/64 Cornelius Gilbert, owner of one of the world's largest hotel chains, dives into his swimming pool and is electrocuted by the live end of a high voltage wire placed in the water. Left at the scene of the crime is a piece of plaid material along with a solid gold St. Christopher medal that was given to each of his guests on an around-the-world pleasure flight. 
Who Killed Lenore Wingfield? 11/4/64 Lenore Wingfield is found floating on an elaborately decorated raft in her luxurious swimming pool with a bullet hole in her midsection. The bulk of her estate was set to go to her nephew, Jay Boy Calhoun, whom she brought from the rural south to further his education and later learned that he spent the money on minks which he has been raising in his house at the beach.  Also considered a suspect is the victim's ex-husband, Charles. 
Who Killed the Richest Man in the World?  11/11/64 Kurt Stollman, bookkeeper for Nicholas Amenor, the richest man in the world, is shot at long range with a telescoped rifle. The shot was meant for Amenor who was in town selling an oil lease, priced at about $45 million dollars, and about to negotiate with three prospective buyers. Further investigation proves that each buyer hated the victim and were all experts with the type of rifle used in the murder. 
Who Killed the Tall One in the Middle? 11/25/64 A leggy, lead singer of a trio of canaries dies during a nightclub performance. It is then up to Amos to find the murderer. Among the most fetching suspects are her sisters.
Who Killed Merlin the Great? 12/2/64 Jack Merlin, otherwise known as "Merlin The Great", comes up
dead when he tries to execute his famous trick of being able to spend five hours in an air-tight coffin at the bottom of a
swimming pool. The strangest part is that he is shot, not
suffocated or drowned. A feather found at the scene of the
crime leads Amos , Les and Tim to his murderer when the
coffin reveals no bullet holes. 
Who Killed 711? 12/9/64 Amos Burke is on the prowl for the killer of a financier in a chic hotel.
Who Killed Supersleuth? 12/16/64 Chief of Police Gaynor is fatally shot at a gathering of several famous detectives from all over the world. Also discovered missing is a famous diamond, the Star of Fujiyama. Each sleuth denies having committed the murder; however, Les and Tim, who were guarding the room, swear no one but the detectives entered or left the room.
Who Killed the Swinger on a Hook? 12/23/64 Top echelon building contractor, Alexander Dukette, is found impaled on a meat hook in the walk-in refrigerator at his home. Another victim's body turns up, as well, and it turns out they have a common link. Both possessed copies of a list containing
the names of six people Dukette was supposedly inviting to dinner the following week. Les theorizes that it is a death list, not a guest list, when Amos' name appears on it along with Dukettes' and the second victim. 
Who Killed Davidian Jonus? 12/30/64 Davidian Jonus is found dead- tied to the anchor of his yacht. The actual cause of death was drowning, although the autopsy report also reveals he had been struck on the side of the head. Investigation shows that there are a list of suspects due to the fact that Jonas was about to undergo a secret merger with another shipline in France. 
Who Killed the Strangler? 1/6/65 Alexander Najensky, better known as "The Strangler", and also a heavyweight wrestling champ is killed by a poison dart when he fails to get up during a match. The focus of the suspects is on the persons in the five ringside seats reserved for $5,000-a piece charity donors. Among the occupants of the seats is the victim's  sister. An interview with each proves unsuccessful until a pair of glasses and "lip prints" indicate the killer's identity. 
Who Killed Mother Goose? 1/13/65 Penelope Hubbard, the famous author of children's books, known as Mother Goose (a grandmotherly sort who really hates tykes), is found strangled with her own typewriter ribbon. Various friends and business acquaintances direct Amos to many leads; however, each denis having killed her. There is one clue that was left - a nursery rhyme, "Jack and Jill," which she was pointing to in a book when she was found.
Who Killed the Toy Soldier? 1/20/65 Amos tries to find the murderer of a toy manufacturer and runs into a flock of improbable suspects.
Who Killed Rosie Sunset? 1/27/65 Amos is out to solve the murder of a penniless little old lady who spent a lifetime selling guidebooks to move stars' homes.
Who Killed Wimbledon Hastings?  2/3/65 Wimbledon Hastings, an amateur tennis champion, is practicing  his serve at a fashionable club when one of the balls explodes, killing him. Two of the remaining balls in the bucket show that they contain vials of nitroglycerine. There are no significant clues until a newspaper comic strip proves to be a key lead to the suspect's identity. 
Who Killed the Fat Cat?  2/10/65 Monty Crippen, a multi-millionaire financier with a carny past, is dressed in a cat costume when he falls over dead at a masquerade party hosted at his home. An autopsy report reveals cyanide poisoning but no evidence can be found. Amos and Tim discover, after reviewing the articles found on the victim at the time of his death, that the toothpicks he had were made from chokecherry twigs which, when chewed, release lethal amounts of cyanide. They dig deeply into his old life in the carnival world and come up with an assortment of suspects.
Who Killed the Man on the White Horse?  2/17/65 Singing cowboy actor, Clayton Steele, comes into the rodeo arena, introduced as Grand Marshal, riding a white horse. Once inside the arena everyone discovers he has a stake through his chest. All participating members of the rodeo deny involvement. The investigation is narrowed down to a few when a subsequent investigation and x-rays of the victim's back prove the murderer was left-handed.
Who Killed the Thirteenth Clown?  2/24/65 Zero Reindel, the thirteenth clown to emerge out of the incredibly tiny car at the circus, is found dead (stabbed by a 
spike sticking up through the floor of the car). Further  investigation reveals that Reindel had been blackmailing a  couple of the circus performers, but each deny having killed  him. 
Who Killed Mr. Colby in Ladies' Lingerie?  3/3/65 Amos tries to find the murderer of a man who has been blackmailing a chic fashion store.
Who Killed the Rest? 3/17/65 Captain Burke is the man under fire accused of slaying boht a Hollywood columnist and a fisherman during a Mexican vacation, and it's up to him to free himself by finding the real killer.
Who Killed Cop Robin?  3/24/65 Amos' idol and mentor, Sergeant Daniel Robin, a 23-year Air Force veteran, is shot to death in a dead-end alley. After searching the victim's apartment they discover, among other things, an envelope addressed to Amos. A list found inside the envelope reveals the names of 5 people each, at one time or another, having a record of blackmail, murder, drugs, etc. All deny having killed the Sergeant when Amos, Les and Tim question them. 
Who Killed Nobody Somehow?  3/31/65 Graham Tree, a successful novelist, suffers from a severe beating in a fight with a guest whom he has exposed in his latest book. Thomas, his butler, phones the police. However, he is too late. Tree is presumed dead. Amos then discovers, as he is about to invite a suspect downtown, that the victim (who had a near lethal dose of sodium pentobarbitol) is now very much alive.
Who Killed Hamlet?  4/07/65 Roland Trivers and Pauline Moss, two lead actors in Hamlet, are murdered.  The only clues are a snapshot of a beautiful girl and a locket. Wilber Starington, the third lead, is still alive, but thoroughly freightened.  Amos Burke is sent on a wild chase that leaves him taking Starington's place as "Polonius" in Hamlet.
Who Killed the Rabbit's Husband?  4/14/65 Dr. Arthur Holt, a well-established Hollywood Hills doctor, is found by two newsboys shot to death in his home. The focus immediately turns to his wife Gina when she is nowhere to be found. The police discover that four years prior she was filed on a Missing Persons Report. Gina's address book also reveals that she entertained a number of male "acquaintances" when her husband was not around. She is finally located by Amos, Les and Tim at an amusement park in the House of Mirrors that she used to frequent as a child.
Who Killed the Jackpot?  4/21/65 (Pilot for "Honey West") The body of Andrew Selby, a wealthy banker, is found draped across the neon sign on a skid-row hotel. He was fatally shot. About to leave the scene of the crime, Amos changes his mind when he sees a beautiful woman entering the victim's room. Amos learns that the woman is Honey West, famed Private Detective. Selby hired Honey three days before to tail him but she lost him shortly before he was murdered. 
Who Killed the Grand Piano?  4/28/65 Amos is off to find the killer of a concert pianist and runs into an assortment of showbiz riffraff.
Who Killed the Card?  5/5/65 Amos Burke has a far-out adventure as he tries to find the person who placed poisonous wallpaper in the victim's office.

"It was my grandmother who helped me believe in myself. It was from her that I got the kind of confidence I represent in Burke's Law - the elegant guy who seems to know about things, all about life, a sophisticated man of the world."