Burke's Law Trivia

  • Burke's Law won the 1964 Golden Globe as Best TV Show.
  • Gene Barry won the 1964 Golden Globe for Best TV Star - Male.
  • Amos Burke lived at 109 North Milbourne, Beverly Hills.
  • His office phone number at the Metropolitan Division of the L.A.P.D. was Madison 6-7399.
  • Burke's mobile unit number for his car phone was WO-3256.
  • Les Hart lived at 106 Essex Drive.
  • Tim's home phone number was 676-4882.
  • The Coroner's address was 211 South Temple.
  • Burke's official day off was Tuesday.
  • Amos Burke's shoe size was 11.

Burke owned a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I (1955-1959), finished in shell grey, in the pilot and a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II saloon (1959-1962), also finished in shell grey with blue grey hide, during the regular series

The interior was replete with the finest and most expensive hides and woods that money could buy.  Burke's Rolls was fitted with a cocktail cabinet, telephone, radio and TV, coffee maker, record player, stereo tape deck, electric windows and air conditioning.   

Different registration plates could be seen from time to time during the series, including: JEB 495, JZG 063 and HEK 388.

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