What's New at the Gene Barry Fan Page?

Added 2009:
  • Two new photos from the Shell Game.
  • Two new additional photos to Burke's Law (original)
  • New photo: The Adventurer
  • New photo: Bat Masterson
  • New photo: The Houston Story
  • Two photos: The China Gate
  • New photo: Red Garters
  • New photo: Ford Television Theatre, "The Blue Ribbon"
  • New photo: Columbo
  • Numerous photos to Assorted Photos section
  • Two ads in Memorabilia
  • New photo: Our Miss Brooks
  • Photos of the Rolls Royce
  • Two new photos: Bat Masterson
  • Two new photos: Maroc 7
  • Two new photos:  The Atomic City
  • New photos: Assorted Photos
Added 2010:
  • Two new photos, The Name of the Game
  • Two pieces of Bat Masterson promo items
  • Several new Subterfuge stills
      Added several photos courtesy Barbara Latham:
  • Six new photos, Burkes Law (original)
  • One new photo, Burkes Law
  • One new photo, Assorted Photos page 14
  • New photo, Maroc 7 page 2
  • New photo, Watergate-The Musical, Stage & Club Pictures, page 4
  • New photo, The 27th Day
  • New photo, Hong Kong Confidential, page 2
  • New magazine memorabilia, page 5
  • New photos, Assorted Photos page 11