Some of the stars who appeared in The Adventurer

Episode Title Actor/Actress
Action! Alexandra Bastedo, Cec Linder, Natasha Pyne 
The Bradley Way Anthony Ainley, Janet Key, Richard Marner 
Case of the Poisoned  Dawn Addams, Martin Benson
Deadlock Burt Kwouk, Jennie Linden, Mervyn Johns, Wolfe Morris
Double Exposure Donald Houston, Ingrid Pitt
Full Fathom Five André Morell, Peter Jeffrey
Going, Going ...  Burt Kwouk, Norman Bird 
The Good Book  Adrienne Corri, Ben Kingsley, Gabrielle Drake 
Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?  Rio Fanning, Sandor Elès, Anouska Hempel
Icons Are Forever Alan Lake, Alfred Marks, Noel Willman, Stephanie Beacham
I'll Get There Sometime John Levene, Patrick Jordan, Pippa Steel
Love Always  Magda Paul Maxwell, Kieron Moore
Make It a Million George Pravda, Paul Eddington, Ronald Radd
Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice and Miss Me Once Again Ed Bishop
Nearly the End of the Picture Dennis Price,  Fiona Lewis, David Buck
Not-So Merry Widow Angela Douglas,  Barbara Murray, Dennis Price
Poor Little Rich Girl John Savident,  Judy Geeson, Marc Zuber
Return to Sender Pamela Salem,  Patrick Mower
Skeleton in the Cupboard Roy Kinnear
The Solid Gold Hearse Kevin Stoney, Sydney Tafler
Somebody Doesn't Like Me Robin Hawdon, Peter Vaughan
Target! Alan Downer, Astrid Frank,  George Sewell,  Guy Deghy
Thrust and Counter Thrust Eunice Gayson,  Simon Lack
To the Lowest Bidder Jane Asher, Sheila Gish