The Adventurer Episode Guide

(1972-73, United Kingdom)


The Good Book Sowing the seeds of distrust is easy for the jet-setting espionage agent, Gene Bradley. But sometimes things have a tendency to backfire in your face. Has Bradley overplayed his hand this time? Parminter believes he has - and sets out to prove it.
Poor Little Rich Girl With a little help from Bradley and Diane, a spoiled heiress learns the hard way how to live with her millions.
Return To Sender Requested by Mr. Parminter "to be ready for action" while visiting the French Riviera, Bradley's holiday plans take on sinister implications when he discovers a dead girl in his hotel room.
Double Exposure When Mr. Parminter hears that Bradley's friend, multimillionaire industrialist Jan de Groote, has been replaced by an impostor, the Adventurer is sent to Amsterdam to investigate who is behind the attempt to take over De Groot's industrial empire.
Thrust And Counter Thrust A consulate party in Nice has some unexpected guests - and gives Bradley's romantic interlude with Countess Marie a touch of intrigue and danger.
Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice, And Miss Me Once Again An agent expects to put his life on the line. But why should Parminter ask Bradley to play the most dangerous role of his career - as a stand-in for a potential murder victim?
Counterstrike When scientist Andrei Korony tries to defect to the West, but makes a navigational error and lands in Central europe, Bradley hatches a clever plot to engineer his escape.
The Bradley Way Bradley plays on a husband's jealousy to help save an elderly general from foreign agents, who are forcibly keeping the man drugged.
Love Always, Magda When he receives a cable from his friend Don Fleming, saying that he has met Magda, the girl whom Bradley loved but who walked out on him suddenly, the Adventurer flies to Beirut to learn the truth about her departure.
Nearly the End of the Picture Two lovely girls and a beautiful painting involve Bradley in an adventure which leads him into danger and intrigue in the south of France.
Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly? When his good friend, Mike Kelly, fails to keep an appointment in Switzerland, Bradley visits Mike's office in Geneva. He finds that Mike hasn't been seen for several weeks ... and his apartment has a new occupant - a beautiful young girl.
Deadlock Bradley's friendship with scientist Franz Kolmar leads him into danger when Kolmar's plans for a new project are stolen. The ransom for their return? One million dollars to be paid in cash to a mysterious man in Istanbul.
Skeleton in the Cupboard The Adventurer finds himself involved in a bizarre mystery. Why should a respected university professor turn thief, fake his own death, and place his whole future in jeopardy?
Target! Realisizing that he is too well known not to be recognized when claiming to be an illegal arms dealer, Bradley, anxious to expose Dutch dealer Mosselman, dons the disguise of Mr. Cotton.
Action! Why should Bradley deliberately avoid a group of his fans when arriving in Scotland? Why should the film star also miss an important appointment with General McCready, whose life is in danger? The answer spells death for someone. Bradley has been "programmed" to kill.
I'll Get There Sometime When Bradley goes to the aid of a man being attacked in a hotel room, he finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Mr. Parminter plays the role of knight errant to help a damsel in distress.
The Solid Gold Hearse Mr. Parminter has a problem on his hands: how to prevent a huge amount of gold bullion from leaving the country. Bradley cannot help. He's busy making a Western - but he can offer a solution to Parminter's dilemma.
To the Lowest Bidder The Adventurer finds himself taking sides when a crooked business combine makes the competing bids for a new highway a contract - or death issue.
Full Fathom Five A modern-day bunch of brigands give Bradley and his friend, Father Antonius, a run for their money when they try to retrieve some priceless stained glass windows.
Going, Going .. When a foreign scientist given asylum in Britain disappears, Mr. Parminter suspects Bradley of playing a double game. Can Bradley prove his innocence in time to allay further suspicion and arrest?
The Not-So-Merry Widow When a beautiful woman claims to be his girlfriend, Bradley has every reason to be concerned - he's never seen her before! What is she up to? The Adventurer digs deeper - and lands himself in a cartload of trouble.
The Case of the Poisoned Pawn The stakes are high when Bradley faces Brian Hamilton, a young gambler, across the gambling table. Parminter has ordered Bradley to thrash Hamilton in the hope that he will then divulge the secret source of his money.
Icons are Forever Gene Bradley has personal reasons for helping a lovely young Contessa to elope - and for discovering what secret lies behind the closely-guarded Russian icon in an Italian castle.
Mr. Calloway Is A Very Cautious Man Bradley deliberately allows himself to be arrested and face a jail sentence to learn the truth behind the mysterious case of a dead man who appears to be very much alive.
Make it a Million Returning from location work in India, Bradley discovers that he is being impersonated as part of a clever confidence trick. The answer appears simple: he'll beat his double at his own game - but there are difficulties when you impersonate yourself.
Somebody Doesn't Like Me Someone clearly doesn't like Gene Bradley: a big reward is offered to whoever kills him. Mr. Parminter believes that "con" girl Krista Magnus is behind the plot, but the Adventurer isn't so sure. Then his private jet is sabotaged ...